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About Me.

Nice to meet you! I am Arthur's mother, and I also care for two cats and a bunch of nice cactus. Living in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil.

You will see that I am a mix of experiences. I worked in several areas of my field and sought professional improvement in various themes transversal to Design and Architecture. It shows my adaptability skills and me as a generalist. Also, it highlights my background on users' behaviors in different contexts - an essential skill to advance in any UX endeavor with an assertive approach.

As Tom Jobim says in that Bossa Nova delight, I think that "it is impossible to be happy alone" as well. I genuinely seek partnership and interaction and continuously learn and share information and knowledge with anyone committed to whatever endeavor I participate in.

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Master's degree, Technological Teaching · IFAM

Post Graduate MBA, Marketing · ISAE/FGV

Post Graduate MBA, Project Management · ISAE/FGV

Bachelor, Architecture and Urbanism · CEULM/ULBRA

Bachelor, Industrial Design · UFAM

UX Courses (last year)

Data-Driven Design: Quantitative Research for UX · IDF

Agile Methods for UX Design · IDF

UX Research · EBAC

Front-End do zero + Front-End PRO · Mentorama

Figma · Mentorama

UX Writer and Digital Content (bootcamp) ·

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