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Teaching how to better understand the user's project

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Early students of Architecture can benefit from the active learning of the Architecture Programme in its first year of graduation, through a teaching proposal based on a project demand, that allows the approach of the architecture programme through the contact

with a real client, with mediation of teacher.

The main purpose of this guide is to disseminate our research, which combines the use of a project demand to engage students in architecture programme, principles of Constructive Alignment to plan teaching, learning and evaluation activities, and the organization and administration of activities on the classroom with adoption of Blended Learning. This guide aims to guide the application of the teaching proposal by other teachers. We explained the teaching proposal, we showed examples of application and some tools of evaluation and presentation of possible products.

Innovative aspects of this work are the teaching and adaptation of the content to beginning students from the needs of a real client, given that the Architecture Programme,

when approached, has its construction phase suppressed or when considered, it adopts construction models that are distant from the dialogue with the client. In addition, this work provides the implementation of Blended Learning in Architecture, following an emerging

trend in Education.

See the product of my master's degree in a simple and illustrated language:

Download • 11.83MB

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